Healing from transition

So-called "transitioning" puts a HUGE strain on anyone's brain and body. Depending on how much you've already put yourself through and for how long, getting your strength and good-feeling back can be a short- or long-term process.

In either case, you can get to feeling good in and about yourself, maybe for the first time in forever, if and when you are willing to give up the false hope and anti-health of brain- and body-damaging surgeries and drugs.

Here are some ideas on how to get there:

Find a health practitioner who can help you safely get off any psych drugs you are still on -- and that includes testosterone. Being on these drugs changes your brain and makes you more likely to freak or get seriously depressed or just act really weird if you stop them too soon. Remember that just like going off heroin and freaking out doesn't mean you actually need heroin, going off psych drugs and freaking doesn't mean you actually need them either. What it does mean is that you need to go off them slowly and safely, even if that means it takes you weeks, months, or years to do it.

Read up on what real health means, and then pursue that. Modern MD medicine is really good at taking care of gunshot wounds and traffic accidents and stuff like that. But when it comes to defining, understanding, and producing REAL health, it totally sucks. So if you are still listening to your MD regarding how to get yourself top notch again, you're trying to walk from Los Angeles to New York via Mars. Instead, check out a good naturopath or herbalist -- one that supports and understands getting off the testosterone and other junk, and who knows how to use herbs and vitamins and such to get you right again.

If you're an alcoholic or a smoker, you can't quit what's killing you by continuing to hang out with people whose lives still revolve around booze or smokes. If you're trying to heal from "transition", you're not going to make it by hanging out with people whose lives are still trapped in that. So remove yourself from "trans" circles and get with your healthier friends.

Take charge of your life, and stop handing it over to psychiatric and other MD drug-pushers and gender-theorists. Your life MATTERS, and it shouldn't be flushed away in early, weird cancers and organ failure and mind-f*cks. e the strong woman you were born to be!

More to be added (Email me your ideas)