I'm Nat, and I'm a mid-40's, (real)-science-loving, masculine-gendered, female-bodied, lesbian -- and finally proud of it, despite the false-pride and self-harm-disguised as "gender theory" and "therapy" and "sex reassignment" by the junk-science of modern psychiatry.

I had originally thought to maintain this as an ongoing blog, but I just don't have the time. So I'm going to leave it with the basic info and essays I've written that speak its truth, and leave the day-to-day blogging to those who can do it!

Note that I ignore emails that want to argue anything posted here (unless you have something to add or suggest). They aren't worth my time. No argument changes the truth, and anyone that wants to go with bullshiat can get that in most places on and offline today that pretend to speak for "gender" theories and such.

If you have something else to say, do feel free to email me.